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Welcome to Daffodil Lament, Cliodhna's collective. Here you'll find fanlistings approved by The Fanlistings Network. This collective was opened 2nd of April, 2005. The name Daffodil Lament is the name of a song by The Cranberries.


Current owned: 66 (+ 1 upcoming)

Approved fans: 1545 (+ 0 pending)

Collective fan growth rate: 1.71

Newest owned: Vampire Willow (BTVS)

Random owned: Trina Echolls (Veronica Mars)

Site Updates

logan schools and Lilly Kane

September 08, 2007, | filed under Whole Collective, Logan Echolls and Lilly Kane (Veronica Mars)

I’ve opened the fanlisting for the relationship between Logan and Lilly (Veronica Mars).

vampire willow

August 19, 2007, | filed under Whole Collective, Vampire Willow (BTVS)

The wonderful Emma-Jane let me adopt one of my wishlists: Vampire Willow.

the west wing screencaps

August 18, 2007, | filed under Whole Collective, Josh & Donna (The West Wing)

I’ve started making screencaps of the Josh and Donna scenes for the fanlisting. I don’t have season 1 on DVD, so I’ve started with season 2, and I’ve added screencaps up to episode 2.11 to the Josh and Donna Gallery.

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This is the list of fanlistings I would love to own.

Top five

  1. Zombie (The Cranberries)

  2. The Body (BTVS)

  3. John & Aeryn (Farscape)

  4. Willow (BTVS)

  5. Doyle (Angel)


Jodie Foster

Characters: TV

Ryan O'Reilly (Oz)

River (Firefly)

Andrew Wells (BTVS)


Passion (BTVS)

Objects in Space (Firefly)

Storyteller (BTVS) (rejected: 1)

Plan B (Veronica Mars) (rejected: 1)

Die Me, Dichotomy (Farscape)

Dog With Two Bones (Farscape)

Musicians: Bands/Groups


Songs: Bands/Groups

Muse - Citizen Erased

Muse - Plug in baby

Muse - Stockholm Syndrome

TV Show

BTVS : Season 5 (rejected : 1)

Wish granted

Vampire Willow (BTVS) - Adopted from Emma-Jane

Muse - Butterflies and Hurricanes

BTVS: Conversation with dead people

U2 - Sunday Bloody Sunday

Queen - The show must go on

The Cranberries

The Life of David Gale

Bugsy Malone

Now and again - Adopted from Kim

The West Wing - Noel

Farscape - Infinite Possibilities part 1 & 2


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