Colorado Bill of Sale Form

In Colorado, if a deal concerning a sale or purchase of a valuable item is concerned, both parties — the seller and the buyer — should ensure they complete the Bill of Sale of the required format to minimize risks that might arise during the operation of the item’s transfer. As to the parties, individuals or legal entities and groups of both types can initiate the completion of the Bill of Sale. In other words, the legal document of this kind provides proof that the item was transferred on a legal basis, with no difficulties and complaints.

As to the items the transfer of which might require a Bill of Sale, the list spans from the simplest property items, including furniture, pieces of equipment, and electronic appliances, down to motor vehicles, motorcycles, boats, and firearms. In Colorado, the completion of the Bill of Sale is highly recommended to individuals and companies to ensure the correct completion of the document. For this, one should be aware of the latest developments and requirements concerning the Bill of Sale in the state and build a document in accordance with them. The right and legit document will ensure the safety of the operation and peace of mind for both parties.

Bill of sale form
Bill of sale form

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Using a Bill of Sale in Colorado

Both Parties (seller and purchaser) will want to read the entire bill of sale, as there are spaces for both signatures, date, and sales price.

The purchaser must sign directly above their printed name as proof of purchase, but the seller should also retain a copy of the bill of sale as proof that they have sold/transferred ownership successfully.

Ensure to indicate who keeps the license plate after the transfer if it isn't being transferred with the vehicle. If it's not specified on here, a judge might determine this for you later, so it's best to be clear from the beginning! When selling a car in Colorado without a title, the seller must complete an Application for Title and Registration (Form DR 2395).

The best practice would be to check with your local Department of Motor Vehicles to make sure you follow their specific rules regarding sales between private parties. Here's more information on DMV requirements for buying and selling cars WITHOUT a title in Colorado and examples of information you would put in a bill of sale.

Seller: John Doe

Address: 1234 Main St., CO 80223

Phone: (123) 456-7890

Vehicle: 2010 Honda Civic EXL VIN#: 1HGCV3240AL002799

Odometer: 123,456

Purchaser Name: Jane Doe

Address: 1234 Main St., CO 80223

Phone: 555-555-5555

Employer: None

Occupation: Stay at home mom/Student/Retired

Purchaser Address: 1234 Main St., CO 80223

Odometer reading, when checked by DMV employee on the date of transfer in vehicle history report displayed below, must be greater than the vehicle's current mileage. It will then show as "Exempt" next to the Odometer reading.

Bill of Sale Date: 7/1/2014

This is where you would indicate the actual date this bill of sale was created. A new section will be filled out for the date of transfer between both parties listed above. Typically, most states require a title or registration form to be filled out within ten days after the initial purchase, so it's best to have this filled out before moving forward with completing the Bill of Sale. If not, you may run into issues when trying to register your vehicle later down the line or renewing license plates in person at your local DMV office.

Purchaser Signature: Jane Doe

Date signed: 7/15/2014

Buyer must print their name and sign above their printed name. This is the most important part of the bill of sale, as it legally shows that you have officially transferred vehicle ownership. Ensure to indicate who keeps the license plate after the transfer if it isn't being transferred with the vehicle.

Seller Signature: John Doe

Date signed: 7/15/2014

The seller must print their name and sign above their printed name to show that they are officially out of title or registration for this particular vehicle. It should also include the date that they sold/transferred ownership successfully. Don't forget to include your contact information so either party can get in touch with you if necessary! The best practice would be to keep a copy of both the bill of sale and title or registration forms for your records.

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