Florida Bill of Sale Form

The Bill of Sale is an official legal document that is needed in Florida if a deal concerning a transfer of an item of value takes place. The document serves as proof that the deal in question took place without any trouble for any of the parties involved. Either of the parties can initiate the building up of the Bill of Sale, for the paper ensures the safety of both parts of the agreement. As to the parties that can benefit from making a Bill of Sale and ensure the legal basis of the deal, individuals, legal entities, or groups of both can initiate the creation of the bill. To make sure that the creation of the Bill of Sale is done correctly and in line with the law, it is recommended that one should take care to study the latest news and changes concerning the rules of the documentís completion in Florida.

As to the types of the Bill of Sale that can be created in the state of Florida, there are the following: the General Bill of Sale (highly recommended while selling, purchasing, or trading any of the personal items that you find valuable); the Firearm Bill of Sale (comes in handy if a trade of firearms is concerned); the Vehicle Bill of Sale and the Vessel Bill of Sale (used during the deals concerning vehicles and boats respectively). If the transfer of ownership of a valuable piece of property is concerned, the creation of a particular Bill of Sale is a must-have to ensure the best results of the deal.

Bill of sale form
Bill of sale form

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Sample FL Bill of Sale


The following is a bill of sale for new and used vehicles. It can be adapted to most states with appropriate language changes. A "signed" copy should be given to the Buyer - an unsigned one kept by the seller until such time that they pay off any lender who holds the lien on the vehicle and then given to them at settlement. The Florida version includes a statement of odometer accuracy and may also include dealer information. If you do not have these elements, delete them or use your wording instead:

Key phrases in this document:

  • Seller
  • Buyer
  • Vehicle Description
  • Odometer reading (if available)
  • Purchase price
  • Sales tax
  • Buyer listed on the title
  • Cash price
  • Sale date

Itemization of fees - purchase price, sales tax, Buyer listed on the title, etc. The bill of sale should be acknowledged at the time of settlement by both parties. The Seller and Buyer(s) should each sign in the appropriate places immediately below their names - do not leave blank lines for signing! Also, if other people are involved in this sale, such as lien holders or cosigners, they must also acknowledge settlement.

The Following is a Bill of Sale for Vehicles:

I ___________ (the "BUYER") have sold to ___________ (the "PURCHASER"), an individual, the following described vehicle:

Year __________ Make ___________ Model _________ VIN #___________ License No. ___________ Odometer reading (if available)___________

  • Price $________
  • Sales tax $________
  • Total amount due $________

For the purchase price of $________ (cash), receipt of which is hereby acknowledged. BUYER has received a title from SELLER as follows: [For Florida buyers, delete this section and include instead:] "THE PURCHASER'S NAME IS LISTED ON THE TITLE AS FOLLOWS:"

I have also sold to the above-described purchaser certain items listed below for an additional sum of $________: ___________

  • Seller's printed name: ___________
  • Sale Date ___________
  • Seller's signature
  • Buyer's printed name: ___________
  • Sale Date ___________
  • Buyer's signature

Vehicle purchase agreement acknowledgment of odometer accuracy:

Odometer reading: ___________, recorded by the seller on this date and shown above. Seller represents that, to the best of their knowledge, the odometer reading reflects actual mileage to the vehicle. This representation is made for purposes of compliance with 49 CFR 580.5(b)(3), which relates to transactions involving motor vehicles offered for sale in interstate commerce, and shall not be used against such dealer in any proceeding arising out of such transaction or be admissible into evidence in any action based upon a violation of any federal law or regulation, or any state law or regulation, involving the sale of motor vehicles.

Seller and Buyer agree that:

The odometer reading is true and correct; The mileage stated above represents the actual mileage to the vehicle; This statement shall not be used against either party in court action as evidence of a violation of federal law or regulation as it relates to the transaction as shown on this bill of sale.

I have been given a cash receipt for payment from BUYER for $________, which discharges all liability I may have under my contract with BUYER.

BUYER AND SELLER ACKNOWLEDGE RECEIPT OF $________ (CASH) - Purchase price of vehicle.

Seller: ___________ Date: ___________

BUYER: ___________ Date: ___________

Bills of Sale for Other States: Texas, Colorado, Indiana, Missouri, Mississippi, California, Georgia, Tennessee, New Mexico


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