Tennessee Bill of Sale Form

The Tennessee Bill of Sale is a kind of legal document that serves as proof in deals concerning the sale or purchase of a valuable item, from a boat and a gun to a motor vehicle or other kind of property. The legal document is of great importance if the parties involved in the deal wish to go in line with the current laws and regulations imposed within the territory of the Tennessee state. Some of the types of the form may demand a signature of the notary public; however, not all of them do. Both individuals and legal entities can initiate the creation of the Tennessee Bill of Sale if they need to prove the legal purchase/sale of the designated item.

There are four types of the Bill of Sale one may need to complete in Tennessee to legitimate the shift of ownership and keep all the needed documentation at hand should any issue arise: the General Bill of Sale, the Boat Bill of Sale, the Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale, and the Firearm Bill of Sale. Certain registrations and completion of other legal documents might depend on the existence of the Bill of Sale. For instance, one will need it to create the Tennessee Watercraft Registration forms, besides the photos, fees, and necessary information regarding the item that is being sold or bought. In any case, the Bill of Sale should contain data on both parties, their signatures, and the info the parties consider important to add to the form.

Bill of sale form
Bill of sale form

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Sample TN Bill of Sale


I, ___________ (Name of the seller), of ___________ (Address of the Seller) hereby convey to ___________ (Name of the Buyer) all my right, title and interest in the following described vehicle:

(Seller's description of Vehicle)

and I do hereby release any and all claims that I may have against said Buyer or against anyone who may hold or assert any claim or lien against said Vehicle. This Bill of Sale conveys every legal right I have to this Vehicle. In exchange for this Bill of Sale, I receive from said Buyer the sum of $__________.

{Signature} [Date] [Seal]

I, ___________ (Name of the Buyer), of ___________ (Address of the Buyer) hereby accept said Bill of Sale and acknowledge receipt of said Vehicle. In exchange for this Bill of Sale, I have given to said Seller the sum of $__________.

{Signature} [Date] [Seal]

This bill of sale shall serve as a warranty for the Vehicle described above. This warranty is a product warranty, extended service contract, or any other express warranty that provides coverage over time, covering parts and labor during the period stated explicitly in the contract or implied by state law. If there is no duration stated, it will end when ownership of this Vehicle changes hands. Unless otherwise stated in writing, the person or persons listed above are responsible for all repairs or damages.

In the event that repairs are paid for by an outside party not listed above, there will be a $75 fee plus tax added to all invoices totaling more than $500. The payment will cover our time and documentation of expenses towards recovering money from said party. In the case of theft, this charge is waived if a police report has been filed within 48 hours of the discovery of the theft. If there is no duration stated, it will end when ownership of this Vehicle changes hands. This document covers only that specific Vehicle listed in this document. This document does not cover previous damage or previous owners' issues with their vehicles on record with our dealership. Once the Vehicle has been sold, and there is no outstanding damage or repairs to said Vehicle, all records of this document will be discarded. If it is found that the owner listed in above did not have full ownership rights to this Vehicle, then our services rendered will be free of charge, and we shall be entitled to collect double payment for our time and energy spent on the case by filing a civil suit against you. By signing below, you agree to these terms and conditions.

This Bill of Sale shall serve as written notice that any false statement herein may result in criminal and/or civil prosecution.

Bills of Sale for Other States: Texas, Colorado, Indiana, Florida, Missouri, Mississippi, California, Georgia, New Mexico


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