Georgia Bill of Sale Form

In the state of Georgia, if you want to ensure the deal concerning the transfer of valuable property is done correctly, and without any negativity in the aftermath, you should initiate the creation of the Bill of Sale. The deals may involve the sale or purchase (or any other transfer of ownership) of such items of value as vessels/boats, furniture, and equipment, items of weaponry, and vehicles. In other words, if you want to buy or sell anything from a car down to a Beretta, you can ensure the safety and legitimacy of the deal by building the Bill of Sale together with another party involved in the operation. Hence, there are the following four types of the Bill of Sale one might require in Georgia: the General Bill of Sale, the Firearm Bill of Sale, the Boat Bill of Sale, and the Vehicle bill of sale.

That said, if you want to have a deal concerning the transfer—be it a sale or a purchase—of anything from a gun to a boat, you should ensure the safety of the procedure and avoid all possible negative outcomes by developing the Bill of Sale. In Georgia, the change of the ownership rights for an item of value is suggested to be backed with the properly created Bill of Sale. Usually, the legal paper is initiated by the buyer if they want to defend themselves against the probable fraudulent action from the seller. To prove the purchase or sale of a car, a piece of furniture, or a pair of firearms, one is highly recommended to consider the completion of the appropriate bill of sale.

Bill of sale form
Bill of sale form

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Sample GA Bill of Sale


This bill of sale is given on ___________ (Sale Date) for the following vehicle:

2009 White Hyundai Sonata 4 door sedan, VIN # 5NPEU4AF3AH613335

Vehicle purchase price: $12,000.00. This document will serve as a legal paper trail to make sure both parties understand what has been agreed upon. All information contained herein shall remain confidential to all parties involved. This agreement will be used only if there are ever any disagreements regarding this transaction.

*If you must use this form, please write "FOR MOTOR VEHICLE" at the top where indicated, but please understand that I do not wish for it to be used by anyone other than myself. If I am not the only owner of this vehicle, all other owners must sign below.

Seller Details:

  • Name ___________
  • Address ___________
  • City, State, Zip Code ___________
  • Mailing Address ___________ (if different)

Seller contact details:

Home phone ___________

Work phone ___________

E-mail address ___________

I hereby agree to sell my motor vehicle described in this bill of sale to the buyer listed above for $12,000.00. I understand that my signature on this bill of sale is my legal agreement to the terms listed above.

Seller: ___________


Date: ___________

Bills of Sale for Other States: Texas, Colorado, Indiana, Florida, Missouri, Mississippi, California, Tennessee, New Mexico


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