Car Bill of Sale Form

A motor vehicle bill is a contract between the seller and buyer that describes the terms of a vehicle's purchase. Once completed, the bill of sale can be used by your local Department of Motor Vehicles to document a change of ownership. To register the vehicle, a copy of this document must be provided by the new owner.

Although a bill of sale is an important document, ownership does not change until the title is transferred. Usually, both the buyer and the seller can visit the DMV to complete the required paperwork. The buyer generally has between 10 and 30 business days after purchasing the car to transfer the title, pay the appropriate fees, and register the vehicle. If you don't do it within the timeframe granted, you might be required to pay additional fees.

A Bill of Sale can be used by friends or family members to prove ownership if they gift items to one another. If a parent gives a used car to their child, they will need a Bill of Sale in order to prove ownership, register the car, and insure it.

Bill of sale form
Bill of sale form

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Sample Car Bill of Sale


This Bill of Sale is made out by __________, Company Representative for the automobile dealer __________ ("Seller") to __________ ("Buyer").

The following items are being sold:

VIN#: 5YJLM48B7FL513322

Year: 2012

Vehicle Description: Ford F-150 Lariat Supercrew 4x4 with EcoBoost and 3.55 rear axle ratio. The car was originally equipped with a 5.0L V8 engine but this has been replaced with an EcoBoost V6. There were no other changes made to the vehicle as part of the replacement engine installation. Extensive records regarding modifications previously done on the truck will be provided upon request (including receipts).

Drawings, prints, photographs, digital images, advertising materials, owner's manuals, and all other documents are not being sold with the vehicle.

Seller represents that he is the legal titleholder of the described property.

This vehicle has no liens or encumbrances on file at the time of sale. All taxes will be paid by Seller upon transfer of ownership. The above listed automobile was previously titled in Ohio to _________________________ ("Old Owner"). Bill of Sale was made out properly for registration purposes between Old Owner and Dealer (copy attached).

Seller warrants to Buyer, that Seller is the owner of the vehicle described above and all right title and interest therein. Full payment in cash or certified funds will be accepted by Seller for the said automobile by signing below.

Signed this ____________ day of ____________, 20____

(Signed) _________________________ (Signature of Company Representative for Dealer)

And Signed this __________ day of __________, 20____ (Signature of Buyer)

(Printed Name of Company Representative for Dealer) (Printed Name of Buyer)

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF VEHICLE IDENTIFICATION NUMBER: The undersigned acknowledges that the Vehicle Identification Number stated above for the property, is correct. ___________________ (Signature of Company Representative for Dealer)

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF OLD OWNER: The undersigned acknowledges that Seller represents that he or she has been duly authorized by Old Owner to make this Bill Of Sale and to transfer the title, interest and possession in the vehicle described above from Old Owner to Buyer. This Bill Of Sale shall be binding upon Old Owner and Buyer alike. ____________________________ (Signature of Company Representative for Dealer)

(Printed Name of Company Representative for Dealer)

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF VEHICLE CONDITION: The undersigned acknowledges having examined the automobile identified above and states it is his/her opinion that said vehicle is in good operating order and repair. ____________________ (Signature of Company Representative for Dealer)

(Printed Name of Company Representative for Dealer)

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF PURCHASE PRICE: The undersigned acknowledges that all funds have been paid as a downpayment on the purchase price as stated above, and that the remainder of the purchase price will be paid as follows: ___________________________________________________________________ (Be specific - state day, date, time)

The undersigned further acknowledges that Seller has set aside said vehicle for sale and will release it to Buyer only upon full payment of the purchase price. These conditions must be met before Seller agrees to transfer ownership and consider this Bill of Sale completed. _________________________________ (Signed) _________________________________ (Company Representative for Dealer)

(Printed Name of Company Representative for Dealer)(Date Signed)

Signed: _________________________ (Signature of Old Owner)

(Company Representative for Dealer) (Date Signed)

STATEMENT OF BUYER: I, __________________________ (Name & Address), state that the above vehicle is acceptable to me in every respect and that I am buying it with my own funds. ___________________________________ (Signed) _________________________ (Date Signed)

Note: The above Bill of Sale contains all of the essential elements to effect a transfer of ownership and should be used in conjunction with other documents such as a Trade-In Agreement or Security Agreement.


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