Indiana Bill of Sale Form

Very often, a buyer or a seller of some item of private property, be it a car or a work of art, need to have proof of the legitimacy of the deal. This action will ensure the rights of both parties involved in the deal and make the procedure and its results totally legitimate. The Indiana Bill of Sale is the legal paper that is needed for the purpose. It serves as evidence that a sale or purchase of a property item has been made between the parties. In Indiana, it is might be necessary to have the documents providing evidence that the change of ownership has taken place. For this, the development of the Bill of Sale is initiated. A notary public is also needed to validate some of the forms of the Bill of Sale in Indiana. But first, the parties involved in the deal concerning the transfer of some property item should sign the form. One should check with the latest changes occurring in the field of law and documentation in the state of Indiana.

As of now, there are four types of the Bill of Sale that you can create in Indiana: the General Bill of Sale, the Vessel Bill of Sale, the Firearm Bill of Sale, and the Vehicle Bill of Sale. At times, the creation of the Bill of Sale might require a fee payment and other documentation, such as an odometer disclosure statement or a watercraft inspection document if the case with a car or a boat is concerned. The bill usually includes information including the title of the sold/bought item, proof of its insurance, or a contract that serves to prove the agreement between the parties involved in the deal.

Bill of sale form
Bill of sale form

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Sample IN Bill of Sale


This Indiana bill of sale for vehicles is made on ___________(date) by and between ___________, hereafter referred to as "Seller," and ___________, hereafter referred to as "Buyer."

1. The Seller agrees to sell the vehicle described below to Buyer for the purchase price of $________. Upon payment of this amount in full, the title of said vehicle shall be released to Buyer.

2. The following vehicle was sold by Seller to Buyer:

Make/Model - Year - VIN - License Number - Purchase Price - Odometer Reading - Vehicle Description - Expiration Date - Title No.

3. Vehicle information has been given by the Seller and acknowledged by the Buyer to be accurate and complete.

4. Buyer agrees to the following:

a) The vehicle is purchased in "as-is" condition, with no warranty expressed or implied.

b) Buyer assumes full responsibility for any damage done to said vehicle after all parties have signed this contract. Seller will not be responsible for any accident caused when said vehicle is used or driven on public roads, regardless of whether or not such use is authorized by the rightful owner of the said vehicle/titleholder.

c) Any vehicle damage (regardless if accidental in nature) must be repaired prior to receiving the title from the rightful owner; otherwise, Buyer will hold Seller responsible for repairs, which will be subtracted from the purchase price of said vehicle.

d) The Seller will hold title to the said vehicle until all funds have been fully transferred to their account. In the event that Buyer chooses not to pay, or if payment has been stopped via bank transfer, Seller may request a repossession for the return of the said vehicle at any time from any place within the borders of this state.

5. The Seller and/or lien holder(s) agree(s) as follows:

a) Any liens on the title must be paid off prior to receiving a clear title with no exceptions; otherwise, Buyer agrees to pay all remaining balances owed upon taking delivery of the car.

b) All titles previously held by lien holders must be submitted to Seller for replacement with a clear title free of liens. Otherwise, Buyer shall make all necessary arrangements with said lien holder(s) to obtain the said title.

c) If the vehicle is financed, the lien holder(s) agree(s) to sign off on the title once paid in full.

d) The Seller will be responsible for contacting lien holder(s), if applicable, and providing the information needed to release the title. Buyer agrees that they are not responsible for any charges accrued through loan modification or payoff.

6. This vehicle's cash price has been agreed upon at $________. This includes all fees associated with the purchase. Buyer agrees to pay for additional fees that may come up during the process of transferring ownership at their expense.

7. Proof of insurance must be provided upon signing this bill of sale if financing has not yet been paid off. If proof is not provided within 30 days after signing, Seller will take back possession and return all funds previously transferred via bank transfer or other means without obligation to re-sell said vehicle.

8. Any questions about any terms contained in this contract should be directed towards legal counsel or a licensed attorney prior to signing this document. Otherwise, these terms are understood as stated by both parties involved herein.

Seller: ___________ Date: ___________

Buyer: ___________ Date: ___________

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